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Secretaries GOI as at 1 December 2017 – sadly India remains a total mess because their incentives are totally skewed

I posted this on FB today.

The list of Secretaries is now on my server for long run ease of recall.

Key comment:

First, there are just too many Secretaries. Second, I know most of them personally – either my batchmates or from Haryana cadre (where I started my career) or AM cadre (where I spent most of my civil service career).

Sadly, and tragically, India remains a mess because the underlying incentives of these people are dysfunctional and so they have no interest whatsoever in any sensible public policy process.

Many of them have visited Melbourne over the years and met me but NEVER have even one of them expressed any interest in finding out how governance works here, or what needs to be done to improve governance in India.

Unless we get an accountable bureaucracy, India remains doomed to gross underperformance in every field.

I hope my recent article in Smart Governance rings a bell in the minds of at least some people.



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