Books by the 1982 batch

This is  list of books published by members of the 1982 batch.  If you have more information please provide to sabhlok AT gmail DOT com, or in the comments section below.

Sanjeev Sabhlok (IAS – resigned)

Breaking Free of Nehru, 2008, Anthem Press [‘It must be read by every Indian’ – Gurcharan Das, author of India Unbound]

Dalip Singh (IAS)

Emotional intelligence at work: a professional guide

Anirudh Krishna (IAS – resigned) Details here.

  1. A. Krishna, One Illness Away: How People Escape Poverty and Why they Become Poor (2010), Oxford University Press .
  2. A. Krishna, Active Social Capital: Tracing the Roots of Development and Democracy (2002), New York: Columbia University Press .
  3. Changing Policy and Practice From Below: Community Experiences in Poverty Reduction, edited by Anirudh Krishna (2000), New York: United Nations Development Programmme .
  4. Norman Uphoff, Milton J. Esman and Anirudh Krishna, Reasons for Success: Learning from Instructive Experiences in Rural Development (1998), Kumarian Press .
  5. Reasons for Hope: Instructive Experiences in Rural Development, edited by Anirudh Krishna, Norman Uphoff and Milton J. Esman (1997), Kumarian Press .

Udaya Pant (Indian Civil Accounts Service)

Numerous books

Vyasji (IAS)

1. Gahare Paani Paith (2000),New Delhi: Rajkamal Publication. This book is on primary education.

2. Agin Pathar (2007), New Delhi: Rajkamal Publication. This one is a fiction penned in the backdrop of Babri mosque demolition and its aftermath.

Article in book:  On  displacements due to big dams and problems faced by deprived people in a book titled, “Liberalization and Truth of Development” published by Anamika Publications.

Amil Shori (India Postal Service)

Dictionary of English Idioms & Phrases by (then) Brigadier A K Shori , Rajpal & Sons.